Chloée Maugile &
Ruth Angel Edwards

29.03. - 24.05.2024

Hyperopia is a psychedelic two channel video installation that uses script, disorientating editing techniques, and immersive sound. A series of vignettes come together to create a contemporary fable encompassing claustrophobic relationships, the transmission of ego, delusion, escapism, healing and the search for connection.

Hyperopia at City Galerie Wien also features a new installation which includes aditional AV works, a collaged room divider, found objects and the paintings which feature in the film.

Ruth Angel Edwards (b1986 London) and Chloée Maugile (b1996 Santa Monica) are artists and friends who have been collaborating since 2021, making experimental films that use dark psychological script and humour alongside psychedelic filming techniques and sound. Their holistic and hands-on approach to making means that their process involves many different creative elements, with the artists taking on various roles at the different stages of production to form a responsive and generative way of story telling, image making and world building.

This installation includes elements of prints made for the film set by Waj Hussain and polaroid photos taken during the shoot by Joseph Campbell.

Hyperopia credits -

Actors: Kierston Wareing, Anthony Gopaul, Vanessa Walker, Gerhard Sanft, Alice Fraser, Hannah Taverner,  LC & Matio Austin – Dean.
Crew:  Nina Porter, Oscar Oldershaw, Joseph Campbell, Adam Gallagher & John Edwards.
Hair & Makeup:  Emillia Conroy & Bron Ready.
Music:  Stanislav Pain, Blightcaster, Angel D'Lite, Happy Mondays  & Ruth Angel Edwards.
Prints featured in set:   Waj Hussain 
Aditional thanks:  Lottie Lou, Harman Bains, John Bloomfield, Jack Wilson, Ruth Dorber, Chloe Page & Brian Elliot.  
Hyperopia was commissioned by Wysing Arts Centre, with additional funding from Arts Council England and The Elephant Trust.

This Exhibition could not have been possible without the help of

Nik Geene
Emmanuel Troy
Emmanuel Layr and Team
Marie Setz