Tuy Tien Nguyen  Antonis Magoulas  Malte Zander

17.01.2022 - 15.03.2022

 Baitball 02

Baitball 02 involves 80 galleries, project spaces, artist-run spaces, collectives, curators and art institutions. Over 300 artists, activists and researchers were called to deal with the metaphorical image of a long table set for an imaginary collective lunch during which unfold speculations around the concepts of collaboration and self-organization through the act of sharing food and the practices of commensalism and conviviality.
Food, and sharing it also stimulates a string of references and connections that range from anthropology to zoology, from religion to the sacred and magic. The very idea of food and nourishment raises urgent questions about the interwoven fabric that covers politics, economics, nature and the structures of power.
The long table that seamlessly crosses the spaces of the seventeenth-century Palazzo San Giuseppe in Polignano a Mare is conceived as a long snake, a labyrinth or a gut. A single, gargantuan being, with a hive mind. The traces left by the exhibition appear both as object, narration and social bond, never reduced to a simple entity. What matters here is the plurality of the agents and the networks that connect them.

The presentation Carby Girl, Carby World invites three artists to Polignano a Mare who, each in their own way, quite literally deal with food and abundance in their artistic practice. For the three of them food becomes a theme and abundance a method. While Antonis Magoulis works with dough as material, the size of his installations stands symptomatic with the idea of plentitude, not without making a point for sparseness while doing so. Thuy Tien Nguyen uses instant noodles to make sculptures. For her, next to Magoulas, not size but time becomes matter of exuberance. Malte Zander on the other hand just plays with the formality of conventional food and homes it is consumes in while his technique is purely digital and of devoted subtlety.

The Idea of this curated presentation is the one of a menu with three courses. Nguyen will showcase her instant noodle sculptures on the table and also, for the occasion, recreate her pasta perfume works of 2020. Magoulas cake rain will also be mended for the the show in Puglia. Instead of making a new cake for the occasion we decided on a table cloth with a photo print of the work.

Magoulas work will be shown on the table as part of the food / share snake. In the name of plentifulness it will transgress the depth of the table and the viewers will look, as thez once did already in Frankfurt am Main, at the cake from up top.

Zanders digital C - print will be hanging on the wall as emblem of what makes a good dinner. A lot to drink.